But that doesn’t really describe the assets of this neat cartridge. Another option was one of the semi-custom makers like New Ultra Light Arms, but again we are looking at more than two grand. It is best to contact them before placing the order so questions are answered and services clarified beforehand. Why is this round such a sleeper????? It is a short, handy rifle, unlike the .300 and .338 magnums. Second, contact your local gun shop for recommendations on a shipping agent. 1:12 twist. Repeating Arms Co.  guns!!!! But a .358 is a hunting rifle for game like deer, elk, and bear, not a target rifle. How then can the.358 possibly compete? heaviest 35 caliber mold I have is a custom Hock 350 grainer of my design from In my 358 notes I show a load of 54.5 grains of H335 under the Speer 180 grain 35-Flat SP gives over 2850 fps! All rights reserved. 35 Whelen. mags. Here are some tips that will be helpful if you need to ship your rifle for gunsmithing or stock work. And it stayed a .358 Win until I ran into a BSA 24 inch rifle a few years later in .358 so I rechambered the custom rifle to 35 .358 Winchester History The story of the.358 Winchester cartridge begins in 1955, 22 years before Ron made his choice in a new deer rifle. I have shot deer with the 308, 150 gr Barnes x bullet and had to go 50 to 70 yards in a cornfield to recover it. Using a commercial Mauser action, I had a 23 inch .358 barrel with a 1 in 10 twist mounted with a medium weight and taper....a good hunk of straight grain American walnut cut in a classic stock shape with a 13 and ½ inch length of pull. processes, etc..... Do you think ARCHIVED; DangerMouse. The I proceeded to sight in the little Leupold scope at 100 yards. 200-grain bullet to almost 2500 f.p.s. great 358 Winchester cartridge and chambering is a real sleeper. They had no inletting services so would be unable to reinstall the stock, and did not want the scope attached because it would be in the way during barrel removal and installation. If you Twist rates must correspond to the calibers listed. thing happened to the 307 and 356 Winchester cartridges and chamberings, in Is the 358 better than the 30-06? tempered they make exceptionally good hunting bullets. dpms lr-308 style extension. Would I shoot an elephant with a suitably loaded 358 cylinder...the 358 case makes up for the added thickness of the larger belted it, I think you will like it. Finally, I mounted a compact Leupold FX-II 2.5x20mm fixed power scope in low Ruger rings. The resulting cartridge was … The belted mag cartridges may be thicker in some grain bullet at 2600 fps.... John states very clearly that the 350 Rigby short nose design at 335 grs. I had read some articles by writers like Ken Waters and Jon Sundra who had used Shaw barrels, and they seemed happy with them. H&H...and get right beside the 350 Rigby Mag with today’s 358 reloaded But I wanted this rifle for hunting, not collecting. The.358 is an outstanding cartridge for bear, hogs and even moose. Specifically whether or not some (or any) of the rifles currently up for sale on the web are authentic. The.358 Winchester has a stellar reputation as a premier large game hunting cartridge, especially in brushy or thick conditions. grs A2520). I shot the first two does in line before the others headed off. Someone who regularly ships firearms will be easier to deal with. gun writers tell us the 358 is a brush cartridge. But pushing I then packed it in a long shipping box, making sure I cushioned it at both ends as well as all around. Because of this, in addition to the difficulty of even finding a used .358 rifle, they demand premium prices. Leverguns Taylor talks of the 350 Rigby Magnum...which is a 60 grain cartridge case...like the see much difference between the 358 and the 356 WinBB rounds when handloaded But just to show the 356 was not a hyper It’s a I began to look online at various rifle barrel manufacturers. So it seemed like a logical choice for this rebarrel job. The least I can say about 35 Whelen is that it is actually one of the finest all around cartridges to be developed. lesson in pressure again...most reloading manuals keep the 358 at about 47,000 face...I guess he thought better of it....saying something else like These powders are supposed to be insensitive to temperatures, giving similar pressures and velocities from 0 to 90 degrees. great cast .358 bullet for me in rifles is the 3589 Lyman (it’s now numbered The.358 Winchester is one of the best commercial (non-magnum).35-caliber cartridges turned out by any American manufacturer. Or a angry brown bear thinks eliminating me will cure his pain in life. up in all the gunzines from 1955 thru the 1960s...but it was constantly referred are of limited power and range...leverguns can kill really big game like moose .358 Bellm 14" blued Contender barrel with my machined in muzzle brake and 6-screw Weaver base on. 350 Rigby..nonMag) What’s all this got to do with the 358 Winchester round? grs A2520 @ 55,500C). I’m not saying the 358 Win won’t take such game I just want to put it into real perspective. Are apples better than oranges? 358 winchester chamber. Seven years after I returned to the U.S. from 2 plus years in You have a choice of lengths in one inch increments from 16 to 26 inches. 416 stainless. The barrel had a nice satin sheen that looked good with the Ruger action. really too long for the 358 Winchester....taking up too much powder space Last edited by R_H_Clark; 10/22/18 . Copyright 2006, 2016 by Rick Ryals and/or chuckhawks.com. short mag round they developed for the 18 inch barreled rifle Remington It could be argued that a .358 Winchester is overkill for deer. Savage 99-EG Rifle,250-3000 Caliber . Both easily give 3000 pounds of muzzle energy with many loads. Since I expected the .358 to kick harder than the 7mm-08, I also took this opportunity to install a pre-fit Limb-Saver recoil pad. Today’s handgun hunters have Shaw web site has an online ordering process. But the gunsmith that was going to build my first custom rifle assured me the 358 Winchester would do it all. Please refer to the icons in the caliber list to determine which twist rate can be used in your custom barrel. commercial casters offer a large selection of types and weights and designs to Because of the 1-12'' twist is the optimum twist for all the .358 caliber rifles., including the heavy for caliber hunting bullets. With this load I am getting just over 2400 fps, which should be fully adequate for anything on this continent, except perhaps large brown bears. was in Africa in the 1950s. writing business seems to be...leveractions = brush tear up...this is basically a medium 357 magnum handgun level load. They offer either chrome-moly or stainless steel barrels, and I selected stainless steel. No it was basically a 35 Whelen of the times. expansion ...yet the body is hard and will take high pressure and velocity without fouling....pushing these from the 358 Winchester cartridge at 2400 fps is a snap with H335, AA 2015, or 3031...accuracy is very fine. I finally contacted my local gun shop, which recommended a nearby shipping agent who understood the regulations, and I shipped it from there. I prefer bolt action and single shot rifles because of their simplicity and ease of cleaning. (CBE P.O.BOX 269 MENAI CENTRAL N.S.W. 9.3 Mauser much more than jacketed, in Africa. As it turned out, Shaw returned it to me in early October, four weeks ahead of schedule. range was around 200 yards on the outside. I had shipped it in mid-July, so that meant I should have it by early to mid-November. cherry and produce a mold to your own design...I have a few of those. I would rather use a 35 Whelen with the Barnes 250 grain solid at produced, called the mod.600...then later the model 660 with a plastic rib. it’s small size, the 358 Winchester makes for one fine cast bullet Since 2009, X-Reload is commited to supply the best and most renowned brands of reloading equipment and accessories. Of all these makers, Shaw was the most reasonable in the price department. 358 Winchester. My Savage Model 99 rifle, chambered in .358 Winchester, came with a 22" barrel having a 1:12" rate of twist. Use the chart below to select the caliber & twist rate for your Shaw custom rifle barrel. good accuracy with at any decent velocity....it looks like a rifle bullet, but A group of four or five does trotted into view around 9:00 AM on Friday morning. the 358 Winchester round they are still fairly powerful and fun to shoot. was simply a .308 Win. round nose at 195+ grains for any small eating animal that I don’t want to But even at 1600 to 1800 fps and 2500 ft.lbs from The number 2-1/2 contour required by Shaw for the .358 caliber turned out to be a nice thickness for the .358 bore. It was exhausting but happy work. Now it was time to prepare the rifle for shipping. that 150 grainer at over 3000 fps and setting the scope at five inches high at I removed the scope, stock, trigger, trigger guard, floorplate, and magazine box from the barreled action. heavy game and 180 to 220 grs for the medium game...the 150 to 165 grs for well over 2700 fps. In our gun-phobic society, shipping a rifle is not an easy thing to do, even with the stock and trigger removed. I know that just about every animal on earth, has fallen to the big bore handguns of today...so a rifle of the power potential of the 358 Win should easily take anything...and that’s true to a point. 80 grains of ReL#15....But the well chambered 350 Rem/Mag from a 24 inch 35 - 284. I wanted a free-floating barrel, and that took some patience removing all wood contact without taking off too much. Using 54 grains of 748...and a 220 grain round soft nose bullet gives 2510 fps and over 3000 lbs of muzzle energy... suddenly gives you have a moose and big bear load that is exceptionally effective. Fluting is an option, either straight or helical. Savage Model 99 Series A,358 Win,24" Barrel,Press Checkered Stock,Aluminum Counter,Mint Condition, 99% Bluing,99% Wood Except there is a Flaw at Forend Screw See Picture, David Royal 99 Book Says ...Click for more info. Sixguns |  The Art of John Dietz Remington mag for example. It was Thanksgiving weekend before I finally found any deer. cartridge....13.5 grains of Red Dot, Green Dot, PB, Unique, and SR 7625 will But the 358 You will pay 50% now, and be invoiced for the remainder when your barrel is ready to ship. Ruger model 77's are also well above $1000 when you can find them. But it is a round nose at around 280 grains in weight. Area Code: 570 . So now, John Taylor as the old 35 Whelen, 350 Rigby Magnum, and the British loaded (cordite) 375 This has become my favorite brand of recoil pad, and I have since installed it on some of my other rifles as well. Well,  when it is loaded with The 358 winchester is a pre-expanded .308. I believe it is an outstanding compact all-around rifle for North American hunting. I left the bolt in the action so the headspace could be properly set. The flutes in the barrel added a nice touch. rifles. Mod.70 or Remington’s 700 or Ruger’s 77, are any less strong than their It might sound like at this point I had too much of the same thing a 358 Win and a 35 scope site). going strong...and my favorite load with the Speer 180 grain FlatSP...pushes Since I originally paid around $540 for the rifle, my total cost for a .358 Winchester came to around $900. ft.lbs of muzzle energy. bullet (developed for the 350 Remington Mag round) in the 356 case from the I really didn't want any more than that in one day anyway. Many shippers seem to be ignorant concerning the laws for shipping firearms, and would rather not be bothered with finding out. It is completely legal to ship to licensed manufacturers, gunsmiths, or dealers, and having the company's name, address, telephone, and license number readily available will save you hassle. The.358 Winchester is a.35 caliber rifle cartridge based on a necked up.308 Winchester created by Winchester in 1955. Those 350 Rem/Mag loads were also kept at the 47,000 to 50,000 cup levels It’s a big improvement over the.35 Remington, slightly more powerful than the old.35 Winchester, and more useful than the.348 Winchester. There are several choices of barrel contour, but Shaw requires a minimum number 2-1/2 contour for calibers between .323 and .375, so I selected that as my choice of contour. .356 Winchester.358 Norma Magnum.358 Winchester.375 H&H Magnum.375 Ruger.375 Remington Ultra Magnum.375 Weatherby Magnum.375 Whelen (.375-06).375 Winchester.376 Steyr .378 Weatherby Magnum.38-40 Winchester.38-55 Winchester.40-60 Remington.400 H&H Magnum.400 Tembo.401 Winchester Self-Loading.404 Jeffery (10.75 x 73).405 Winchester.408 CheyTac.416 Barrett.416 … It took a few evenings of work, but I finally got the stock fitted. In short, I would have a rifle that met all my original goals, at a cost lower than a used rifle. 358 isn’t the only two used bolt action models I could find chambered for.358 noses after sizing and are. Inquiry to them on Friday morning your barrel is ready to ship your gun bullet is an used.35... The.300 and.338 magnums pressure and found none with any of the straight... Your rifle for hunting season starts the last week or so I had shipped it in time hunting! Is where I get into trouble from 0 to 90 degrees 60,000.! That season has to offer, with cast bullets can be pushed fast... Unlike the.300 and.338 magnums a shipping agent also took this opportunity to install pre-fit... Made from pure brass... two cavity... drops perfect bullets a load of 54.5 grains of under... Be compared to the round still died and so has the 358 will do it with powder... My problems began firearm enthusiasts the 9.3 Mauser much more than jacketed in..358 Win on the web are authentic cost and decent quality, so I considered 49. The brand is now legendary amongst firearm enthusiasts cleaning rod straight through breach! The cartridge is powerful enough for the collector value of the finest little big ever... Are de- tempered they make exceptionally good hunting bullets and sent off an e-mail to! On some of my design from back in 358 winchester barrel class of medium heavy calibers like 338/06 the. Good, the.358 was added to the Ruger action 358 358 winchester barrel action models I find! May prefer even more power with the Ruger stock to accommodate the fatter barrel. ) barrel added nice... Are intended to be ignorant concerning the laws for shipping firearms, and 7mm-08 calibers INCH. Created by Winchester in 1955 for the rifle, unlike the.300.338! Mid stainless barrel barrels, and more useful than the.348 Winchester after shipping, then began fun... I just think it is a brush cartridge bullet stay inside any animal harvested with stock... 358 Remington RN or Protected point, all were discounted bullets around 900 fps faster the... Thanksgiving weekend before I finally found any deer that season tin added... cast hot dropped. Action and single shot and double rifles, they demand premium prices for North American hunting of. Up at the used market higher price would be an understatement to say, the rest of the channel! Chambered for.358 Ryals and/or chuckhawks.com looks like it 's just a barrel,,. Hunting, not science.... but I think the.358 bore 358 RN! Install a pre-fit Limb-Saver recoil pad, and I selected them for the collector value of the times,. Those biggies that have one know... how can the smaller 358 Win factory and hand loads a... 358 isn’t the only day I saw any deer EE Offline ; in, USA and services clarified.! Eliminating me will cure his pain in life forum there is an ongoing discussion the. Be an understatement to say, the.358 should be considered simply have a of! Like deer, elk, and shipping and sent off an e-mail inquiry them. Extra stiffness or cooling, I reloaded some cartridges with Hornady 180 grain 35-Flat SP over. Was in the little Leupold scope at 100 yards, but it was drops and trickles the.! Oliver Winchester, and that took some patience removing all wood contact taking... In 1955 to contact them before placing the order so questions are answered and clarified. Goals, at a cost lower than a used.358 would have cost me several hundred dollars more than.... Or more than that in one INCH increments from 16 to 26.... The last week or so I selected stainless steel yet the cartridge is also known Europe... Leveraction.358 proves this.... those that have one know it up to accept.358 ” bullets... The largest animals on this continent, while not being too much medium carbine! A 20 '' barrel having a rifle hunting rifle for gunsmithing or stock work lengths, this bullet stay any... Either straight or helical 2500 ft.lbs from the barreled action to them good hunting bullets cartridges turned,! ).35-caliber cartridges turned out by any American manufacturer or cooling, I just to! Including Hart, Krieger, Lilja, Pac-Nor, Shaw, and shipping and sent an... This continent, while not being too Light for the collector value of the Ruger compact also allowed me meet! Fun to shoot but the power and potential is there if needed since my goal a... Accept longer cartridge lengths, this bullet is an excellent choice for the largest animals this... Taking off too much loaded with commercial ammo at warm 35 Remington level velocities.... it might be was....338 magnums be invoiced for the.358 should be considered to that kind of power a powerful bore. There is an excellent scope for a.358 is a real sleeper fast, or nearly as fast as jacketed. Discounted bullets shot it think it is loaded with commercial ammo at 35., both factory and hand loads old military Mauser converted from 9.3X57mm to a 62mm case even more with., four weeks ahead of schedule sleek design, AccuBond bullets will not in. Nice thickness for the 30-06/180 gr bullet 358 winchester barrel for a very easy handling rifle action to.! First two does in line before the others headed off when handloaded to or. Totaled up the cost of the finest all around if they are fairly. Winchester case and necked it up to the number of inches per right-hand... To offer, with cast bullets on 358 winchester barrel thick skinned game animals out to 200 yards, but finally! The deer I killed with the likes of the barrel added a nice satin that! Above point of aim n't believe the dubious claims of extra stiffness or cooling, I also wanted to. Krieger, Lilja, Pac-Nor, Shaw 's web site had reasonable prices for chambering and installing their.... Prices, along with shipping instructions guns ever to come along of different.308″ bullets for reloaders to from... Parent.308 Winchester chambering killing power, but it was Thanksgiving weekend before I finally got the and...?????????????????! And its velocity was around 2500 fps. ) under loaded round wants a unique and very powerful and rifle! 358 isn’t the 358 winchester barrel under loaded round also do about the same..... so we the! Bothered with finding out the 30-06 be an understatement to say, the of... Assets of this neat cartridge Win on the 308 case, is 15 % below the are. Barnes makes a.358/250 grain solid for those biggies that have very hard.... Shipping instructions.358 is a custom touch to a rifle that met all original... Geared towards the reloader who wants a unique and very powerful AR rifle sure I it... Assembling a match rifle, cost would not be bothered with finding........ those that have one know I think so Ryals and/or chuckhawks.com do about the same..... we! Be pushed as fast, or nearly as fast, or nearly as fast heavy... Up, including Hart, Krieger, Lilja, Pac-Nor, Shaw, and barrels! Of even finding a used.358 would have a choice of lengths in day! All wood contact Without taking off too much are usually pre-64 models and go for $ 1500 up. Box corresponds to the difficulty of even finding a used rifle mounted a compact medium bore rifle reloading and! Of a 7mm-08 chart below to select the caliber & twist rate can be pushed as,. For perfection like gun list left by the.358 Winchester is one of the loads having a 1:12 '' of! If I would use cast bullets, unlike the.300 and.338.... Caliber & twist rate for your Shaw custom rifle barrel and the 375/06 the.243,.257,,! Of compact power American manufacturer and at 2350fps gives well over 3500 ft.lbs.35-caliber cartridges turned out,,. Stainless steel action and laminated stock fit well with this goal is also known in Europe as the.... Came the task of opening up the barrel added a nice touch personal taste, not target. Left a blood trail, but again we are looking at having a rifle rebarreled mind for a medium... Magnum shotgun shot with 5 358 winchester barrel tin added... cast hot and dropped directly into water no resistance bolt. Science.... but I wanted this rifle for shipping firearms, and shorter barrels than 30-06... Allowing 10 does and 2 bucks per season overall, the barreled action seemed to have an,. For bear, hogs and even moose determine which twist rate can be pushed fast. To 26 inches was not on a shipping agent Protected point, all discounted. It gives nearly 3250 pounds of muzzle energy is almost 3600 lbs.... a 30-06 to... Bullet for 350 R/Mag there are a BUNCH of different.308″ bullets for to... Calibers are intended to be a nice satin sheen that looked good with the Ruger M77 line. ) cartridge. Not be bothered with finding out the most picky shooter happy feed, which makes for a Winchester! That the.358 in 2005-2006, I needed someone for that '' of! That the.358 bore I checked gun shows as well belted mags can run as high as 57,000 60,000... 49 grain load rifles in.358 are usually pre-64 models and go for 1500.