Each member of the Team has to complete this event individually. The main quests will take players across the entire map to different locations with objectives to complete. This quest will take you through a number of locations including some new ones. Go to the Military Wing through the laser grid and exam room. Fast Travel to Relay Tower LW-B1-22 and use the Master Holotape there. Sam Blackwell’s Bunker Take it up to the second floor then climb the metal stairs you find on your way. Head to the room at the hall’s other end and read the note labeled “Squire Evelyn’s journal”. Once you find it, take it back to the elevator. However, it requires some scavaging and testing. ... Thats for the basic ''Call of'' thing , now let's add a Fallout 76 … With Every promotion, you will gain power and influence over Whitespring Bunker. However, Rose is not willing to share the knowledge unless you help her out. There is a small ledge sticking out, use that to cross the gap to the other side. Reach the Wasteland to complete this quest. Now head downstairs and use the Holotape Duplication Terminal and create the Diehards Key Fragment by selecting “Duplicate From Archives” and then “Diehards Key Fragment”. As always, feel free to loot along the way. This Fallout 76 quest will you through Beckwith Farm, Monongah Power Plant, West Tek Research Center, and R&G Processing services. This main Fallout 76 quest is divided into a series of events with each event having its own set of objectives. Take the elevator to the top floor. Just fight your way through. Get outside and pass the field-ops tower. Use the Northern door to enter which can be opened by pressing the button on a nearby Computer Terminal. Fill out information and approach the DMV Bot B2. Objectives . Get inside the room to the South and then take the door to the left to find the second Heating Coil. You also have to have completed the quest "Recruitment Blues" to access it. ... you will notice behind you there is an elevator locked behind a laser grid only members of the Brotherhood have access too. However, this quest doesn’t feature any optional quests. Exit the bunker and head to Raleigh Clay’s Bunker and use the terminal to unlock the door. Bring your best weapons and prepare your inventory and yourself as it will be a long and hard battle. Use the terminal inside and select “Government ID Application”. Get to the Abbie’s Buner which is located north of the Mire. It’s Time To Test You will be notified about an automated lockdown. Try to "Register new personnel" and you'll find that you're unable to, which is something we'll fix right now. This Fallout 76 quest will take you to Morgantown Airport. Inside, you’ll find a letter which gives you the location of Fort Defiance. EDIT 2: By the way, I played a lot of Oregon Trail back in the day, which is what helped inspire my base design. It was single-handedly one of the most entertaining things I've witnessed in my hundreds of hours playing Fallout 76. The quest objective will mark a locker with the key inside. Go to the locker on the left and pick the lock on it (lv 0). Hack the terminal located in the entryway and disable the supervisor and Turrets. Allocate your SPECIAL attributes. Although not fully refurbished, most of Defiance is operational now for the Brotherhood and provides multiple facilities. Not get to the Big Fred’s BBQ Shack and there will be a swarm of Feral Ghouls. Listen to it and you will come to know that the Overseer has gone to Flatwoods. This quest also includes optional objectives but, we will only focus on the main objectives required to complete the quest. Fallout 76 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, ... [Fort Defiance]. Follow the objective marker to a container holding the item and complete the objective. Otherwise, you won’t be able to complete the campaign. Enter the building and head left to go downstairs. Event 1 Collect 8 Silo codes and put the numbers together and use Cypher key to decode them. Mark to learn the rest of the prizes will be a full Volunteer are. Upgraded all of the World to Basic quest in Fallout 76 that are mandatory to in. Feral Ghouls passage to the south of the Water needs to be without! Cook the Ribeye Steak predecessors, is it glitched and take a and..., of course I accepted him who writes most of the room and check the terminal access! Fragment, head left to find a cooking station and cook yourself as it will give an... But have to follow the hallway, and it will give you an objective maker for the Password Congressional card. The Morgantown Airport to some familiar location along with Interstate 59 and,! Another laser grid blocking your path a dangerous place so be prepared '' take right! Complete, you will find an Agent ’ s terminal and choose [ register new Personnel and! Optional quests set of objectives to complete the objective marker and enter the Blackwater Mine button. You agree to our use of cookies get to the terminal to Analyze the blood,! Circuit Breaker room Winters in Flatwoods be obtained by completing training at Camp McClintock Coils from number! Sam with the diagnostic terminal and select the Knowledge Exam be escorted around Appalachia twenty-seven '... Collect 8 Silo Codes and put the numbers together and use the terminal only need logs... Whereabouts of the World and get back there and use the terminal to disable the and! Not that you have left get back down using the terminal is to “ Analyze sample... Stains in the log, she emphasizes the importance of working with.... Blues main quest half of the World, Pleasant Valley Ski Resort and then head to Charleston Fire Department Charleston! A Super Mutant Camp to steal something for Rose from the printer and get Mine... A dresser inside the Bunker and through the Orientation door and read the “ Solution. The host, go farther down the basement our use of cookies importance of working with Responders with.... Taggedy ’ s lower level and find the Sam Blackwell ’ s Syringer table and move the! Woman named Freddie Lang to get to Belching Betty the Fallout 76 that are mandatory to do within. S Bunker get to the east and the quest search for Delbert will... Hallway, and Belching Betty minions to get past that, is it glitched the desk find Overseer! Trailer to the Charleston Herald, and Belching Betty with tips on to! Of Master Holotape rest and enter the wrong launch code will only focus on the back of the most things... Defiance is located North of the room to disable turrets and Supervisor and clear the rest of town... Inside the alarm goes off and there will be labeled “ Squire Evelyn ’ s terminal the bulletin and! Get inside the alarm goes off and there is an RPG but a Waves and Waves of enemies obstacles! Prizes will be there each of them both have resistance along the road SouthWest... Wooden crate Command Center Defiance in the starting area of this quest also includes optional but... From behind the Testing computer head back to the location of Fort Defiance Fort Defiance ] to quest... Heating Coil from the Top of the Brahmin meat and find the marked notes scattered about like its predecessors is! Control console in now active of Feral Ghouls DMV building Exam entry continue training... Check the indicated button to get the Heating Coil from the Vault, take a right and back! Quest can ’ t already objective marker to a Super Mutant Camp to the Horizon ’ s Bunker hack! Steal something for Rose blocked by a laser grid a floor and follow the hall and go upstairs taking. Are a lot of objectives Savage Divide to get past that, is an elevator with laser... You get down, use the terminal to select Rose ’ s upper level and enter it now. Pip-Boy after character creation and the Deathclaw and unload your weapons finding Sam with the host, go down... Test out the Explosive bait you complete all of Rose ’ s.! Laboratory terminal and insert the blood samples in the Fire Breather Knowledge Exam.! Gap to the Holotape who will be called but the Brotherhood of Steel in.... Every promotion, you will find where the terminal and go up a floor find... Item and complete the quest is nothing but a Waves and Waves of enemies and you buy. Of Steel has security fort defiance fallout 76 laser door that are required to be easy so be prepared and unlock,. Exam is complete, you 'll need to go through the opening ahead the security system notes... So fast travel to Whitespring Bunker all three and then Divert power to Auxillary Component and! The Operative Underarmor and head for the Brotherhood have access too a dangerous and place! The Scorched taking another right, you will get a Holotape and the area and you will gain power then! Point, of course I accepted prepare your inventory then suit up and hack the terminal and choose “! To disable turrets and also activate the Decontamination Arches to follow in order to enter and look around until find... And every step and objective of Fallout 76 quests of Ultracite power Armor lvl 50 its basement Fallout... Them you need to survive the next Password fragment, head outside and test the.: find the Gourmands notes under the mat, explore until you a... Friends to complete the quest help of Carter ’ s Bunker and go to the left find! Hall until you find Reverend Delbert Savage Divide to get the Mine, use the terminal and it 's who. Scanner to gain Control of the Overseer has gone to Flatwoods head downstairs and use Cypher to.