At 1000 potency over the course of 5 seconds of dancing, this ability does 500 potency per GCD’s worth of time. Having a faster GCD tier may allow you to gain an extra GCD before the Boss jumps or changes phase. Stay tuned for links when completed! When beginning a dance, your normal GCDs are replaced with dance steps in order to unlock a finishing move (aptly named Standard Finish and Technical Finish). Fear not! Subsequent Technical Steps will now be naturally lined up with Devilment. At current 5.2 BiS, it heals for about 14k non-crit (approximately 12% of your max hp). Then, on the Standard Step that occurs after Devilment wears off, switch to the partner who does more overall damage but does not burst as well. These feathers can be used for oGCD abilities called Fan Dance (150 potency single target) and Fan Dance II (100 potency in an AoE around you on multiple targets). Getting 1% damage increase takes 12 less secondary points with DH than with DET, making DH slightly more economical than DET when allocating your secondary stats. Dancer’s Technical Finish and Devilment buffs do not stack with each other. Lastly, MNK is the fastest job with a ~1.96s GCD. Welcome to FF Logs, a Web site that provides combat analysis for Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV MMO. Most skills and spells’ GCD can be lowered by acquiring skillspeed/spellspeed on your gear. Quest: Speak to a… Therefore, when you are holding your GCD like this, you actually gain no value from the fact that Skill Speed is decreasing your GCD. However, while under the effect of Devilment, the DNC’s DH rate receives a flat increase of 20%. Dexterity increases your damage through stat tiers, however, these steps are so small and varied (between 1-3 primary stat points per tier) that it is not worth effort examining differences in Dexterity stat tiers. Rotations that use the Flourish cast earlier in the Technical Finish window will have a greater number of expected Fan Dances used under the buffs when compared to other rotations especially when starting with fewer feathers. For example, you may have two players who have very similar skill levels at their respective jobs, but one player might have considerably better gear. /micon “Closed Position”/ac “Closed Position” <2>, /micon “Closed Position”/ac “Closed Position” <3>, /micon “Closed Position”/ac “Closed Position” <4>. Standing on waymarker B will have your Standard Finish hit all of the target dummies except #1. Record your combats, upload them to the site and analyze them in real time. Below is a visual that examines the difference between a 2.50 GCD tier and a 2.48 GCD tier. Crafting & Gathering content will be hosted by another site. Head Graze is a role action for ranged physical damage dealers that will interrupt the targets cast (i.e. *Special Note: Abilities can both crit and direct hit at the same time, in which case they get both the crit damage multiplier and the 1.25 multiplier from direct hit when the action both crits and direct hits. That is 7 seconds where your partner does not have the 5% damage buff and your partner does not have the esprit generation buff. For the most part, Dance Partner Swapping should only be done in high end environments such as optimized speed kills. You may lose 1 proc GCD under the effects of other raid buffs, but you’ll gain the opportunity to do more Saber Dances under the same buffs. Additionally, DNC provides raid utility in the form of a small AoE heal called Curing Waltz and a party wide damage reduction ability called Shield Samba. However, it is slightly more optimal to hold the Fan Dance III a couple of GCDs until all of your party’s raid buffs are out. Perks. Feathers are a resource the Dancer can use to perform Fan Dances that are weaved in between the GCDs of weaponskills (called off global cooldown abilities or oGCDs). This is also important to consider for openers, where we will want to start our Standard Step 15 seconds before the boss is pulled in order to have Standard Step come up as soon as possible after the boss has been engaged. When hitting the specific dance steps (Emboite, Entrechat, Jete, Pirouette), they initiate a 1.0s GCD. There’s isn’t a rotation, they’re an almost entirely proc based job... Just dance on cooldown and try to get off as many fan dances/flourishing attacks as you can. It will not remove the damage buff and esprit generation buff you have on yourself. These gear sets were determined by using the damage formula and stat considerations mentioned in the previous section and were confirmed using simulations to figure out which gear set has the highest expected damage. It is important then that Technical Finish and Devilment are up for the entirety of these other raid buffs. If you stand directly on top of your Dance Partner when you use Curing Waltz, both you and your Dance Partner as well as anyone standing in that radius will be hit by 2 instances of the heal. It's a tool to help transcribe and share sequences of skills. The other effect skill speed has is lowering the global cooldown for weaponskills. Comprehensive Guide for DNC in Shadowbringers, In this example, we start off with 4 feathers and 50 esprit going into. The reason behind this is due to the stat tiering for DH to be slightly favorable over DET for DNC. If using a potion during a reopener (such as post add phase in E8S or start of Perfect Alex in The Epic of Alexander), it is recommended to hard clip the potion after the 4th step of Technical Step for maximum gains with the potion. Note: After doing this combo’d Fountain, continue using the rest of your Flourish procs and use Standard Step when it comes up. When executing a weaponskill or spell with this buff on, the DNC has ~30% chance to generate 10 esprit while their Dance partner has ~20% chance to generate 10 esprit per weaponskill or spell. So you’re a fresh Dancer and plopped into this world without a clue. However, there is a lot of variation possible for how much esprit you generate during this window. Based on early testings watching how much esprit is generated on a job by job basis, it was estimated that DNC’s esprit generation on weaponskills is approximately 30% chance to generate 10 esprit per weaponskill. Both of these things need to be considered when deciding when are the optimal timings of these abilities in a fight. In addition to not being able to use weaponskills, you won’t be able to use any oGCD abilities with the exception of. For which GCD to use in which box, that depends on our GCD priority list in the next section. At current BiS (5.2), a slightly larger than 1% increase to damage can be seen from gaining 198 points of Crit (compared to 240 for DH and 254 for DET). However, BLM’s damage is very consistent throughout the fight and does not have high burst windows like other jobs that could capitalize on the Devilment buff. Finally, the average GCD value was compared to the value of a combo’d Fountain to determine what the loss in potency is for dropping the combo. In the PvP section, you will find information about its PvP actions and adrenaline gauge. Rotation 5 is a variant of Rotation 3 where Flourish is delayed to after Standard Step. If your step gauge says your dance step order should be Entrechat followed by Pirouette (blue then yellow), but you accidentally press Entrechat, Entrechat again, Pirouette (blue – blue – yellow), your dance sequence would look like this: This sequence of events will give you the full potency of Standard Finish (1000 potency) and the 5% damage up buff, but it took 1.0s longer to perform due to that extra unnecessary step. In addition to generating esprit, Improvisation provides a 10% healing increase buff to party members in range. Devilment does not coincide well with MNK’s own buffs (Riddle of Fire and Brotherhood are 90s cooldowns), but Devilment will coincide with these buffs under most normal potion windows. Thinking 2 GCDs ahead of Flourish, we will want to consider the following: You have 20 seconds to use all of your procs before they expire. The step sequence is displayed on your Step Gauge, but the correct steps will also light up on your hotbar in the order you need to press them (same as Standard Step). Additionally, when using a fan, it has a 50% chance to proc an ability called Fan Dance III (200 potency to primary target and 100 potency to all nearby enemies close to the target). If you have the Ultimate 475 DNC Weapon, meld the 3rd slot of the weapon with +60 Det and change the +60 Det meld on the Shadowless Ring to a +60 DH meld (the original Det meld on the ring is for slightly better stat tiering). BLM + SMN to 4. Under Technical Finish, instead of 2 people contributing to your esprit generation, there are 8 people contributing to your esprit generation (effectively quadrupling this generation rate for 20 seconds). Most jobs will be able to execute approximately 8 weaponskills or spells under this buff. Although not a support ability, this role action prevents you from being knocked back for 6 seconds (120 second cooldown for the ability). For this reason, it can sometimes be beneficial to have delayed Flourish for after your Standard Finish, allowing you 8 GCDs worth of time to use 4 proc GCDs (which also allows you to use 4 non-proc GCDs which can be used on Saber Dance in Technical Finish windows where a lot of esprit is generated). However, when you deselect the boss doing this, you will lose an auto attack during that period of time. You can only use at most 1 more non-Flourish’ed proc GCD (i.e. This means outside of our opener, we will want to rearrange when we use Devilment and Flourish under Technical Finish so that Devilment is the first oGCD under Technical Finish. If you hit an improper dance step, the step you were supposed to dance will continue to be lit and the step gauge will not progress. Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers launched in early access this morning, and as it is with every FFXIV expansion, players are of two minds. When starting Standard Step, it initiates a 1.5s GCD. For example, in a case where 160 esprit was generated over the course of a Technical Finish window, it was simulated assuming 20 esprit generated per GCD. Since the DH multiplier is a static 1.25 and since all of your skills and abilities are able to direct hit, the damage gain from these 240 points in DH would be equal to 4% x 1.25 = 1% damage increase. Dancer is a job introduced in Shadowbringers, featuring the throwing weapons-wielding ranged physical DPS. Now, if you’re a complete newbie in Final Fantasy XIV and MMOs in general, you might be wondering what rotations are. Because of the duration, it might be possible to mitigate more than one mechanic in a fight with the same cast of Shield Samba (such as mitigating a raid wide damage ability as well as a tank buster that happens shortly after). When considering how this affects comparing these rotations, the rotations which are better able to use more. Cascade and Fountain each have a 50% chance to proc separate slightly more powerful weaponskills called Reverse Cascade and Fountainfall respectively. In your normal rotation, it is never worth it to do less than 2 steps. His work helps establish a basis to explain why certain recommendations in this guide are optimal depending on the situation. Paladin is a class starting Level 1 just like the Warrior (we're coming to this one soon) and is the number one in the pure tanking field.Very easy to learn but quite hard to master the Paladin uses a mix of attacks to apply damage over time on enemies and huge defenses buffs. The step sequence can be in a random order, but it will never repeat the same step twice in the same sequence. Additionally, Wildfire is guaranteed to never crit nor DH, therefore this ability also will not get any value from Devilment. As you can see from the table above, missteps during Standard Step can result in significant losses in damage as well as a significant loss in the damage% buff. Standard Step is one of your strongest damaging moves and should be kept off cooldown as much as possible. If you know the exact time the boss will be targetable again, you can initiate Standard Step 15 seconds before the boss comes back. Essentially, proper itemization increases your DPS before you even step into the fight. The rotation at this GCD tier feels very smooth to play. Additionally, depending on your ping, there might be a delay of your client registering if your Fan Dance III ability procs and displaying it which could delay your response time in figuring out which oGCD to use if considering doing a double Fan Dance weave. For new DNCs, here is brief summary of level 80 rotation/openor The actual graph of Determination vs Damage% increase actually looks more like a staircase: What this means is that when you are at a specific tier (step), adding 1 point in Determination will have no effect on your damage unless it moves you to the next tier (step). Some rotations will be better able to use excessive amounts of esprit due to the timing of the Flourish cast while some rotations may be forced to use Flourish GCD procs while capped on esprit because they would otherwise lose the proc. This will help reduce the potential of having proc(s) going into Flourish coming off cooldown. When using a potion, you will want to not use any other oGCDs in the same weave as the potion because of the significant animation lock of using the potion. Crit > DH > Det), however, keep in mind how DET and DH interact with each other (shown in previous section where the ideal amount of DET is somewhere between 30-40% of total DH + DET). If you have any questions regarding DNC, there is a #dnc_questions channel there which is a great place to ask anything with regards to DNC! This buff lasts for approximately 5 seconds after the party member steps out of the improvisation circle or after the cast of improvisation ends. Consider using one of these GCDs on Saber Dance to prevent overcapping esprit. However, if using Closed Position in combat, it is recommended to use a macro for this action only due to potential loss of an auto attack that would happen when deselecting the boss to switch Dance Partner (see section “Dance Partner Swapping” for more information). This guide goes over the fundamentals and job basics while also looking into advanced tips and tricks that experienced players may not know. Fill out the form below to share your thoughts on the site. It is recommended that you use a countdown timer of at least 15 seconds in order to properly time the pre-pull action sequence. I can't begin to explain how bad this game feels. Crit is highly valuable for DNC because of how Crit scales and because of how the Crit stat interacts with our Devilment buff. If you have the Ultimate 475 DNC Weapon, meld the 3rd slot of the weapon with +60 Det and change the +60 Det meld on the Shadowless Ring to a +60 DH meld (the original Det meld on the ring is for slightly better stat tiering). ffxiv classes – ranged physical dps Ranged Physical DPS jobs keep you out of the action much like Ranged Magical DPS. This step sequence results in only doing 750 potency with Standard Finish and providing you and your partner with only a 2% damage buff as opposed to 5% because only 1 proper step was done before executing the Standard Finish. While under this buff window, our DET increases in value due to the multiplicative gains with this DH rate. Our Dancer L60 & Leveling Rotation guide should help you get into the basic meat of things! On the Standard Step that happens before the next Devilment, switch back to the high bursting DPS. The group II merits used to be more complicated and the "right" setup has changed many times during the last few years.These days, the most common setup is this o… To understand how these stats affect your damage, it’s important to understand how stat tiering works in FFXIV. Let’s consider possible different Technical Finish rotations (some of which purposefully delay an ability cast) based on the order of the abilities Technical Step, Devilment, Flourish, and Standard Step as well as how many GCDs are between these abilities: Rotation 1 may be used if you are potentially re-opening in a fight but lack resources (esprit) to be able to do a first GCD Saber Dance after Technical Finish which could then allow you to use Flourish. If playing DNC in a coordinated environment, communicate with healers and tanks to figure out when the best time would be to use Shield Samba when planning out your raid groups party mitigation tools. to align with other raid buffs, delay for potion, the boss will be untargetable during under normal interval usage, etc…). * Notifications for PvP team formations are shared for all languages. The skill speed stat has 2 effects for DNC: lowering the global cooldown timer for weaponskills (2.50 base GCD) and increasing the damage of auto attacks. Both of these jobs are comparable when it comes to value as a dance partner. Esprit generation rate of party members is 20% to generate 10 esprit per weaponskill or spell and DNC’s self esprit generation rate is 30%. right click the boss). Each rotation was examined under different sets of factors to see what that rotation would do given those circumstances, what the expected potencies under Devilment / Technical Finish would be in each situation, and what are the expected losses of potential esprit overcapping in that situation. Given that Crit sees the greatest gains for DNC as a secondary stat, our focus in itemization will be to maximize Crit and then use the rest of our secondary stats for DET / DH. Losing a Reverse Cascade / Rising Windmill proc is a 92 potency loss over our average GCD potency. Refer to the “Technical Finish / Devilment Window Optimization” section of this guide for more details of when this would be a gain. Additionally, this can be used as a small self-heal if needed to help survive a mechanic. In certain fights, such as ultimates, it can be helpful to plan when to use Second Wind and coordinate with your healers to help figure out how you can use this ability to best maximize your chance of surviving certain mechanics. It really shows one of the best things about wow: The simple rotations! stand on #4). Though certainly elegant and beautiful, their movements also speak of martial discipline─of a pulsing, persistent energy whose rhythm can inspire souls and soothe troubled hearts. Oct 20th 2020 Added all new items from Patch 5.35! When using a macro like this, you do not want to double weave. You can use current foods and potions that were released after this fight for more gains. “Best in Slot” refers to the best possible combination of gear for a specific piece of content. For DET, it takes approximately 252 points of DET to obtain a 1% damage increase. The damage formulas can account for the crit rate and dh rate changes to calculate what is the expected damage % increase with the extra 20% crit/dh rate. Second Wind is a useful self heal oGCD that is on a 120 second cooldown. In other words: Damage = (contribution from DET) x (contribution from Direct Hits) x …. Additionally, it will grant a 10% healing buff for anyone standing in the circle. Curing Waltz does a very small AoE heal on you and everyone in a 3y radius of you. Not all actions that party members perform are able to generate esprit. If you select target dummy #2 when you cast Fan Dance III or Saber Dance, the primary damage will be dealt to target #2 (i.e. Flashing improvisation on your healers (even if not everyone in the party is able to stand in the improvisation circle) can be useful during progression of a fight to help boost the healers healing during a particularly healing intensive mechanic. You can use current foods and potions that were released after this fight for more gains. When stacking more raid buffs on top of this, the expected damage increase will go up considerably due to the multiplicative gains of stacking raid buffs. However, if Flourish is used before a Standard Step (which occurs most of the time in our rotation with Flourish unless Standard Step and/or Flourish have drifted significantly), 2 of the 8 GCDs while the buffs are active will be used on 5 seconds of dancing the Standard Step (Standard Step + 2 Steps + Standard Finish = 5 seconds). In the current state of jobs in 5.2, the only party DPS composition I would consider doing this dance swap would be if the DPS jobs were DNC, NIN, BLM, and the 4th is either DRG, RDM, BRD, or MCH. Dancer doesn’t change much in the endgame, but it does become more difficult to use the most efficient way. after recent changes in the early AM. There are more potential variations to the order these abilities could be used, but these 6 rotations seemed the most practical for analyzing and comparing. While standing on waymarker A, you can hit all target dummies with your normal single target GCDs, Fan Dance, and Fan Dance III, however, only target dummies #3 and #4 will be hit by a Standard Finish from A. These differences in esprit generation between potential dance partners can potentially mean getting 1-2 extra Saber Dances over the course of the fight. When using feathers during Technical Finish / Devilment, you’ll want to weave as many Fan Dances and Fan Dance IIIs as possible. How Dancer Will Work in Endgame. The step sequence will be a random order of these 4 steps, and it will never repeat the same step twice in the same sequence. phase change and the boss reappeared), you will not automatically start auto attacking until you perform an offensive attack on the target (such as Standard Finish) OR manually re-initiate auto attacks (i.e. Let’s look at some examples of what this would look like. The effective potency gains are calculated based on what buffs are active for that particular GCD. When you want to share the sequence, click share and send them the url! SMN, however, is king of a dance partner in settings where you have full uptime on 2+ targets (such as The Epic of Alexander’s first 2 phases). At the very least, SMN should be able to snapshot Devilment on their DoTs with Tri-disaster, but they might not have their full burst under Devilment. FFXIV Shadowbringers Guide For Gunbreaker And Dancer Jobs: Basic Rotations And Quest Locations ... which is a highly mobile ranged DPS Job that puts a … All four of these weaponskills are AoEs in a circle around you (5y radius). This ability will generate esprit based on how many party members are standing in the circle. None of your AoE GCDs will hit any of the target dummies from A. Waymarker B shows how close you need to be in order to hit target dummy #4 with an AoE GCD (Rising Windmill, Bloodshower, etc…). All of these oGCDs do not have any serious animation locks and are all able to be double weaved. There are also 2 more waymarkers B and A that are 5y apart from each other and waymarker B is 5y away from target dummy #4. An in-depth analysis was done on different rotations to see what order of abilities and GCDs would result in the greatest potency gains for DNC. The DNC should be able to execute exactly 6 weaponskills per Technical Finish window (unless Standard Step was significantly drifted out of the window). If you have an opportunity to hit 2 or more targets during this Technical Finish in the opener, it is better to use a Reverse Cascade here instead and save the Rising Windmill proc for when you can hit 2+ targets (such as the Living Liquid opener in The Epic of Alexander). Technical Step is very similar to Standard Step in how the steps are executed, with one big difference. Therefore, we only have 6 actionable GCDs where we can use the 4 procs. This is important when considering how Standard Step interacts with Flourish (see section on “Understanding Flourish”). When trying to optimize the amount of damage you get from DET + DH, you have to consider what percent of your total damage occurs under the Devilment buff. Every 50 esprit can be spent on a weaponskill called Saber Dance, which is your strongest GCD at 600 potency on primary target and 300 potency to all nearby enemies close to the target. Outside of Technical Finish / Devilment windows, you will want to use Fan Dance when you have 4 feathers (to prevent overcapping feathers), and you will want to use Fan Dance when you have 3 feathers and you are about to use Flourish after the next GCD and the next GCD is a proc (unless you have 50 esprit, in which case you could use a buffer Saber Dance after popping Flourish to give you another GCD to use feathers before using proc GCDs from Flourish). At this specific GCD tier, it is actually worth it to hold your GCD and wait those 0.2 seconds in order to keep Standard Step off cooldown. This will greatly increase esprit generation and. If you were to Dance Partner another DNC, you would have to coordinate with them to do your Devilment and Technical Finish at different times. In order to accomplish this, you’ll have to remove Closed Position from your original partner first and then give your new partner Closed Position. This % is dependent on multiple things: party composition (raid buffs), fight length (affecting the number of Devilment casts and what % of the total time you are under Devilment), ability to successfully pool feathers/esprit into buff windows, etc… In order to consider Devilment in our DH+DET optimization calculations, we can do a weighted average of the damage you do outside of Devilment vs inside Devilment for different % amounts of your total damage happening under Devilment. This is effectively the same amount of healing done by a non-crit Indomitability from a SCH. In most cases, Dance Partner Swapping in regular uptime fights results is a minimal gain at best, and a significant loss of dps at worst if done during a fight. This is useful for dungeons when you are going between pulls to help everyone run faster. Double+ weaving on the oGCD of a Standard/Technical Finish and Triple+ weaving for regular GCDs should never be done due to the severe clipping of your GCD which would cause losses in the number of GCDs you execute in a fight as well as potentially drifting certain abilities because of these clips. Therefore, 4 of those GCDs have to be the 4 procs otherwise they will fall off. You can hit Standard Finish at any point after starting Standard Step to end the dance sequence. If you plan on referencing anything in this guide in your own published work, I only ask that you give proper credit / reference to this guide. DNC Job Guide from Square Enix (which includes job weaponskill and ability descriptions). The best time to use a potion is fight dependent, but generally works best to use the GCD before going into Technical Step so the entire Technical Finish / Devilment window is captured under the potion. short for off global cooldown, these are abilities that are not on the global cooldown and instead have an independent cooldown. Depending on your ping, you may not be able to properly weave 2 oGCDs in between GCDs without clipping your GCD. Openor. This also includes weaponskills and spells that are on the GCD but have a cooldown for using it such as: Healing spells and other non-damage dealing weaponskills or spells (such as BLM’s, “Abilities” that are on the GCD including, DNC’s Standard / Technical Step, Standard / Technical Finish, and all intermittent dance steps, “Weaponskills” and “Spells” cast by pets (since the pets do not gain the esprit buff), MCH’s Automaton Queen’s 2 “weaponskills” (, SMN’s Pet actions that are classified as spells. at the picture on the top of this page, you would do Cascade → Reverse Cascade → Standard Step → 2 Steps → Standard Finish (Flourish) → continue… ). At this GCD tier, it is optimal to hold the GCD in favor of using Standard Step when it comes off cooldown. For UCOB, the following Bonewicca ilvl345 gear pieces from Swallow’s Compass are slightly better than sync’ed gear pieces due to gains from melding: Helm (note: you lose 80 crit here for a gain of 32 total secondary points, might not be worth it depending on stat tiering at level 70), Amount of damage they do in total (affects how much DPS they gain from, Amount of esprit they’ll likely generate for the DNC outside of, the act of delaying a GCD due to the timing of the usage of an oGCD or the number of oGCDs used in between GCDs, can cause significant losses in DPS if many clips occur in a fight, an ability that can be used on a target party member that grants them the Dance Partner party effect. ffxiv screenies ffxiv screenshots ffxiv gpose ffxiv glamour ffxiv malboro ffxiv dancer ffxiv dnc catgirl sexy outfit background scenery ffxiv shadowbringers glam glamour . For the third point, let’s look at how much esprit your dance partner generates for you. If you’re looking for a list of skills, check our Dancer General Guide, or preferably… your own skill list. Steps don't need any extra help with accuracy between their innate accuracy bonus of +10 and Presto. What is a Rotation in FFXIV? BiS for UCoB and UWU – There are no pre-made gear sets for these level 70 synced fights. Therefore, I estimate the number of total party weaponskills and spells during this window to be approximately 56. The peak in the above graph occurs approximately at 31.5% DET / 68.5% DH secondary stats. Additionally, their songs (although oGCDs) technically have a chance to generate esprit because they are classified as “spells”. If Flourish has been delayed to the oGCD after Standard Finish, you can prepare yourself going into that Flourish the same way as above, except do the preparatory 2 GCDs before you start your Standard Step (i.e. They get some extra GCDs than a typical ~2.50s GCD job would due to having faster speed during their Army's Paeon to generate a little more esprit than some other jobs. Do we have a combo’d Fountain available that hasn’t been used? Additionally, if used in combat, it will have no effect on boosting anyone’s movement speed since the buff automatically disappears if you are in combat.